About Us

Board of Directors


The SCPA Board of Directors is a group of volunteer parents and/or individuals that are affected by Cerebral Palsy. Each person brings a passion, energy and devotion to everything they do for the association. Our goal is to have more funds going into our programs and less into our overhead and administration costs, therefor the association is managed remotely by ONLY the volunteer Board of Directors who are spread out across the province of Saskatchewan. Each board member brings different experiences, knowledge and skills that have become the heart of the association. The SCPA is proud of this group of individuals that are volunteering to dedicate their time and energy to make this association amazing!!

President - Darren Flaata

Past President - Pearl Esau

Vice President - Angela Weir

2nd Vice President - Gladys Weir

Secretary - Amy Hedin

Treasurer- Karen Harder

MAL - Montenna Ryon & Colleen Harris

Our mission


The Saskatchewan Cerebral Palsy Association is a registered nonprofit charity focused on helping individuals with cerebral palsy and other disabilities in the province of Saskatchewan.  Our mission is to ensure individuals with cerebral palsy the right to opportunities to achieve their fullest potential through education, health care and access to all amenities of the community. 



In April of 1985 a small group of concerned parents met, all equally concerned by the lack of services available for their children.  The immediate concern was the lack of therapy, as caseloads at the Children's Rehabilitation Centre were extremely hight.  It was at this meeting the group of parents defined their immediate goal and the Saskatchewan Cerebral Palsy Association was formed.